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This is my livelihood.. how I pay the rent and with these gloves I’m able to do this.
— James H - April 2018 - Greenville SC


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"helping musicians worldwide reach their musical goals"


Used one last weekend for an entire (four hour) gig.
I actually played better with them on.  I was VERY impressed.   
- C. Thomas

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a musician's glove that provides exceptional comfort in more than 20 ways !

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Since early 2015, has proposed a concept that some think goes against tradition.. well.. we think we've started a new one. We work hard to deliver a quality product that helps people play comfortably in spite of medical issues, age and endurance challenges.

We offer a product worldwide that works alongside calluses to play smoother, better & faster, extend playing time for on/off players, protect fingertips from overuse during long sessions, and best of all.. assisting people with medical issues to play again!


one: $7.99-$8.99     two pack: $14.99-$15.99
five pack: $24.99-$25.99
We offer 6 sizes & 3 colors (black, white and tan)
The 6th size is XXS for youth and VERY small hands (middle finger measuring 2.5 inches / 6.35cm or less) - black only - available by ordering XS Black and put in a note that you want XXS.  


What else? 

•comfort for outdoor gigs - sweat wicking in warm weather, warming effect in cold weather

•warming effect for arthritis issues in the finger joints

•medical issues: musician’s cramp, focal dystonia, nickel allergy (frets, some strings), dermatitis such as eczema, skin sensitivity from treatments, etc.

•sweaty hands (hyperhidrosis) - wicks moisture giving comfort & extends the life of your strings!

•players who switch between bass, guitar, 12-string guitar and mandolin

•musicians undergoing cancer treatments find help with the nerve issues that their finger tips have after chemotherapy



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Tell me more...

Made of soft, woven nylon for:

•extending playing time beyond calluses

•playing through cuts & blisters, psoriasis causing fingers to split open

•the on/off guitarist

•many people who report that it helps them play smoother, better and faster!

See the glove in action in the videos below...

Play smoother, better & faster, for medical issues, outdoors & the on/off guitarist-even extend your playing time! MPG thanks our MYSTERY GUITARIST!


"I've been touring for 13 years, played thousands of shows in every place you can imagine and I suffer from severe hyperhidrosis (extra sweaty hands). I normally have to change my guitar strings after every gig or resort to playing coated strings. I recently tried your gloves and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. My group has a sizable following and I will be referring your gloves to anyone with my issues. Thank you so much."

- Jack Stolz of touring band "Too Late the Hero"

Listen to his story (why the glove) on the radio show “Shoot the Shred” - Episode 52 - May 22 2017


"After years of searching for the right type of glove that would give me the freedom to move around the fingerboard with as much ease as if not wearing a glove - I found the Musicians Practice Glove® and my search was over!"

- Focal Dystonia overcomer & World Class UK bassist Scott Devine (


I've found using gloves .. really saves wear and tear on my hands when playing upright bass. And in the studio they actually add more volume and note definition. It's also my signature trademark. People always comment about me using gloves on upright. If you check out my website you'll see me on the Grand Ole Opry playing with gloves.

Mitchell Brown - bass player at Grand Ole Opry in Nashville:


First off guys I love your product and I use it everyday. I am a professional street performer and my show consists of blues and some rock. I have psoriatic arthritis and the medicine I take, Humira, prevents me from growing calluses on my fingers and I can't play for extended periods of time. Now thanks to your product I usually play every day of the week for 3 to 4 hours at a time. This is my livelihood.. how I pay the rent and with these gloves I'm able to do this.

James H - April 2018 - Greenville SC

I have medical issues from a car accident (with) surgical repair to my fretting hand. Bought 1 of these recently.. works good. Somewhat like a compression glove for arthritis. It did take some getting used to, but I can now play with less pain than before, and continue to do something I have done for so long. Very decent option to keep playing with medical hand issues.     David C

Been using them for about a week and have been pleasantly surprised how well they work. I crushed my fingers on my fretting hand when I was a teen and have had to deal with the nerve damage that came with it. My solution for decades was wearing rubber tips like you see tellers using. They work but slip off from sweat. The gloves themselves don't quite give me the cushion I need but the rubber finger tips stay on the glove awesomely! I order a bunch to experiment with combining the two solutions. As a working musician, I'm supper stoked to finally feel like there is a solution to this decades long issue I've been dealing with....Thanks!     Jeffrey P

Used one last weekend for an entire (four hour) gig. I actually played better with them on. They were delivered that afternoon, so it's not like I had any time to adjust to them either. I was VERY impressed.     C. Thomas

I heard about these and I thought: "how could anyone wear gloves and play the guitar or (other) string instruments?" Then I remembered seeing some professionals wearing them on stage, the white ones, and since I am off work after an eye operation, and I play the Ukulele (since I) have more time to practice. (I) noticed my fingers were sore I decided to get a pair. They help (when I) play longer than usual. I have only had them for four days but that is long enough to know they work.     Keith J

Thank you! I love the glove... hope to buy another one in the future! No one knew I was wearing it, and it helped me to play all the crazy 16th notes for four church services :) great product - congrats! Thanks for sending it to me so quickly!     Linda, Goshen NY

Not sure how (anyone) could destroy theirs (too quickly). I play everyday and I've only worn through a few of them. I honestly misplace mine before I tear them. Suffering from Chemotherapy related Nueropathy limited my playing to a few minutes a day. With these, I'm able to play comfortably and pain free. I wear them live, in the studio and at home. Not playing guitar wasn't an option, so I'm sincerely grateful that these exist and I don't care how much they cost, I will keep buying them.     Anthony C

Various Amazon & eBay customers:

What a find! I have had psoriasis on my hands for years and could only play my guitar on the odd occasions when my hands were clear. These gloves enable me to play when I want to, without too much discomfort. Worth a try, it's better than selling your guitars!     Andrew J in the UK

This is a great aid for the guitar player that puts in a lot of time playing and practicing. I really have a great appreciation for this glove! Getting the right size is important.     Vern S.

I injured the tips of 2 fingers. This glove really helped dull the sensitivity through the healing process. Jeff F.

The item arrived quickly and safely. The instructions for a fit were excellent and the glove fits perfectly. Karen P.

I had doubts about these but after 20 mins I love them! I could perform in these - sg

These gloves are a Goodsend. A great advance for guitarists. - kea

Recovering from a finger injury on my left hand. The glove enabled me to get back to playing guitar and bass before the injury was completely healed. Highly recommend.    Nathan B.

Company provided a good quality product that does what they described I have made two purchases from them, have recommended them to friends and I will order from them again.

This glove is better than playing with really sore fingers. I use it during extended playing when my fingertips begin to really hurt. I play a 12 string so it's twice the wear and tear on fingertips. Nice to have this in my guitar case as it lets me extend my play time.

These are cool - very surprised that the tone of the guitar doesn't change.. arrived very quickly.. they actually help my Carpal Tunnel from acting up.. recommended!

Very durable and comfortable. The thin material also keeps you from losing much sensitivity in your fingers, so it's still easy to feel your way around the fretboard. Been using mine for months will little sign of wear. I play bass, round wound strings will tear your fingers apart, but these hold up great!

After months of considering these gloves, Winter arrived in the Northern Rockies, my fretting hand started feeling the pain of subzero temps, convincing me to finally make the purchase. Received a 2-pack in a very timely manner, tried them out immediately on electric bass, and on electric, classical, and dreadnought guitars. Despite my skepticism they sound great!

At first the gloves did not fit like a "second skin". They were baggy & loose. Granted, I'm a female with slender hands & fingers (wedding ring size: 6). Upon reading the washing instructions, I learned that drying these gloves with heat in a dryer will shrink them a full size. I tried it & now they fit great!

As per what I've read, this brand is the top-rated glove for musicians, so I don't expect to find better. While it takes time to become accustomed to playing with a glove on one's hand, these gloves certainly make the effort worthwhile.

I'm ordering another pack of these to keep in stock at the house. I have nerve damage from a neck injury that makes the fingers of my left (fretting) hand super-sensitive to round-wound bass strings to the point that I can't play without gloves of some sort. I was using those cotton inspection gloves with the thumb cut off, but they'd last about an hour before shredding. These are the best! Thanks again!!!     Mike

I am a ukulele player who recently, was on a course of steroids that have played havoc with my nails. My strumming hand fingernails are now crumbling and flaking. I tried these gloves (obviously meant to protect your fretting hand) and find they do work for me - up to a point. I will stick with them until my nails get stronger.    Marion

I have delicate fingers on roundwound strings and a lot of fret noise generated from bad technique. I thought I would give these gloves a go. Well, they arrived today and what a difference the make. My sore finger-ends don't ache anymore when playing, my fingering is actually a little faster as they glide easier over the strings and there is no fret noise from the strings. Will no doubt be ordering more over time. I definitely recommend them.     Peter

Came in, as advertised. I had a problem, this seller went out of his way to make it good. Excellent seller, and product. I have arthritis in my hands, and this helps hold heat in, and can play with no notice of the material. (I don't give reviews like this-he deserves it)  -Benny

This glove is better than playing with really sore fingers. I use it after a while of playing my 12 string so it's twice the wear and tear on fingertips. Nice to have this in my guitar case as it lets me extend my play time.    Michael

I am a bassist and I have nerve pain in my fingers, (peripheral neuropathy) and I have been intrigued by the gloves that bassist Scott Devine wears. It turns out that these are the ones (although I chose tan). When I first put one (fretting hand) on I wondered if this would work for me... would I lose some feel? It turns out that within a few minutes it felt very natural. I have a couple of long sub gigs (4 hrs each) next weekend, and a lot of time in the shed learning songs this (and next) week. They are a great add to my gig bag.     D. Lowe

I'm 60, have played guitar my entire adult life and also have had psoriasis for years. I destroy uncoated strings. They literally turn black and start to corrode in a couple hours. Also, my hands shed so much crap, I gunk up the neck so it gets sticky really quickly. Even with coated strings, my hands still stick. I love playing guitar, so I've dealt with it. When I saw these, I didn't think I could play with a glove on but I figured I would try it... These are a godsend to me. I actually play way better with the glove on. (My hands) don't stick to the neck or strings now and I don't immediately destroy them. Also, I can go back to the less expensive (and better sounding) uncoated strings. I won't play without these now, I wish I had found them a long time ago. : )     Thanks, Joe C.

This will be perfect. The gloves are amazing, pretty much saved my career as a bass player as I have a nickel allergy and can’t play without them!    Many thanks, Kenny





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How I love to play my 5-string Tobias Bass Guitar!

         Founder/ Developer Donald Grabowski

         Founder/ Developer Donald Grabowski


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Pennsylvania native Donald Grabowski is passionate about music, especially ALL THINGS BASS. A few years back he found himself practicing for 4+ hours-a-day to prepare for a big audition. He explored a way to protect his fingertips from overuse by developing these gloves and has made them available to you.

Don always uses his glove for the fingering hand playing Double Bass in orchestras and jazz gigs. When he plays bass guitar for days in a row not only does the glove give endurance to the fingering hand, the picking hand loves the break when playing the quick 8th & 16th notes. He sometimes plays lead guitar gigs where the glove helps the fingertips endure those thin steel strings that are used to thick bass strings. He believes his best playing started when the glove became part of his gear. He even played mandolin (first time) with ease for his son's wedding!

With his 50 years of music practice, leadership, teaching and performance, you can rest assured he has developed this product with all levels of musicians in mind.

We are proud members of the American Federation of Musicians, the local Chamber of Commerce, Dun and Bradstreet, and lifetime member Scott's Bass Lessons. Don is active in the Rotary Club & NAMI (for mental illness).

"Helping musicians worldwide reach their musical goals"

Size chart 2b.png
How to measure for the correct size. This hand would need size L since the fingertip is reading 3-5/8 inches (9.21 cm)

How to measure for the correct size. This hand would need size L since the fingertip is reading 3-5/8 inches (9.21 cm)

My Ampeg AUB-1 Fretless Bass Guitar 1969

My Ampeg AUB-1 Fretless Bass Guitar 1969

My Guitarron - Mexican Bass - made in Cozumel Mexico

My Guitarron - Mexican Bass - made in Cozumel Mexico

My Tobias 5-string Bass Guitar - Bubinga and Maple woods - 1994

My Tobias 5-string Bass Guitar - Bubinga and Maple woods - 1994


It all started when...

This bass was the instrument Don used to prepare the big audition for a major symphony back in the Fall of 2013. At his age of 55, he knew that some younger "hot shot" bassist would probably dominate the field. Well that is what happened but, as he always says... "Whether you get in or not, what's most important is what you've gained in the process!". He is a better musician as a result of preparing for this audition. This glove gave him the ability to extend his practice time... 4+ hours a day!!



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