What's up with the glove - really?

There is quite a lot of controversy over the idea of using a glove to play guitar, bass guitar, etc. Yes we do want to build calluses for that "skin to string" connection we have with our instrument but there are many situations that are helped by the glove such as

• many people report that it helps them play smoother, better and faster (endorsed by Jack Stolz of touring band Too Late the Hero)

• overuse of fingertips by heavy playing over a short time - you can extend playing time when fingertips are overused beyond what calluses provide

• periods of not playing followed by suddenly playing again (eg. the off and on guitarist)

• MANY medical conditions: warming effect for arthritis issues in the finger joints, musicians undergoing cancer treatments with the nerve issues that their finger tips have after chemotherapy, focal dystonia (endorsed by Scott Devine of scottsbasslessons.com), nickel allergy (frets, some strings), dermatitis such as eczema, playing with cuts & blisters, psoriasis causing fingers to split open

• comfort for outdoor gigs - sweat wicking in warm weather, warming effect in cold weather

• for sweaty hands (hyperhydrosis) - wicks moisture giving comfort   &    extends the life of your strings!

• great for players who switch between bass, guitar, 12-string guitar and mandolin

• comfort for beginning guitarists as calluses develop - "DON'T PUT THAT GUITAR DOWN" because of fingertip pain!


What is your shipping policy? (you will always get a tracking #)

DOMESTIC - we are based in the USA

Shipping is free when ordering from this website. On eBay and Amazon worldwide local/ domestic shipping is mostly free as well! Tracking will always be provided.


Generally international shipping/ handling for 1-5 gloves from the USA is listed if you click on  "SHOP NOW". In some cases, once the order is shipped, you will need to check with your country's customs department to inquire about a shipment that may be held and is awaiting customs payment (usually a small amount of $$). Your tracking # will always be provided updating you on the package - up to when it leaves the US.


How do I know what size to order?

There is a size chart in the HOME page or ordering page (click on a product) that will guide you through measuring your middle finger from base to tip. Then choose the correct size according to your measurement on the chart. Always go one size smaller if you are in-between sizes.


How do I know if I am ordering a left or right hand glove?

The glove works perfectly for either hand!  One glove is often ordered and used on the fingering hand.


What color works for bass, what color for guitar, etc.?  (we actually did get this question)

Any of the colors can be used for any instrument.


What's up with the colors on the wrist?

Wristband colors change over time with the manufacturer. Most have colored piping on the edge. If you have pink you can look at it one of 2 ways:  many people do like pink AND (as we all know) pink is the color of support for breast cancer! (check out the sports teams!)


Can I use the glove on the picking/plucking hand?

Yes! Many bass guitarists have commented how much they like the tone they get when finger picking the bass with a gloved hand. For the guitarist we recommend cutting off the fingertips to access fingertip/nail contact. In this guitar situation, some unravelling may occur depending on the cut, so you can seal the cut edge by touching it quickly with a small flame. It is possible to hold the pick with this glove on if you put a thin coat of cello or bass rosin on the glove where the pick contacts.


Can you do pull-offs and hammer-ons with these gloves and still get a good tone?

Oh yes! You will be happy when you sense how much more aggressive you can be hammering on and the pull off is a breeze.


What material is the glove made of?

The Musician's Practice Glove is made of soft, woven 100% nylon that breathes comfort while it wicks moisture.


How do I order wholesale?

Large volume orders available upon request by filling out the contact form. Please decide ahead of time if you would be wanting:

1. gloves in finish packaging or

2. gloves not in finish packaging that are rubber banded together


How long will my glove last?

Your glove should last quite a long time if the frets are honed and the strings are relatively clean. Please be sure you check that your frets do not have jagged or unsmooth edges that might compromise the glove's performance. As you probably know  fret honing  is the process used to adjust/ smooth out/ define the frets.

What if my glove develops a tear or hole?  Many players have reported as few as 20 and as many as 50 hours of playing with one glove. If your glove does unravel prematurely due to defect, we would be happy to send a replacement.


What is the best way to remove the glove since it is so thin and stretchy?

Simply slide the opposite hand along the palm under the glove and push it off!

Can you play open hole instruments (recorder, open hole flute, bagpipes) with the glove? Does it cover the holes with no air loss?

Someone recently tried a pair of gloves with an alto recorder, open holes of course. The holes were fully sealed with no difference in sound with or without gloves.

Any other questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! Please click on CONTACT. Thank you for your interest in the Musician's Practice Glove!